Once upon a time, while window-shopping in the corporate cafeteria, an executive assistant anxiously interrupted me to confess she was an incompetent storyteller.

Right there between the slaw and the seven-layer salad, she begged for help.

This self-described incompetent storyteller knew great leaders are good storytellers. She wanted to add the storytelling badge to her corporate competence sash. I told her there were five questions she had to answer before the precious badge would be hers.

I assured her once she could answer the questions, life would be different. People would be more interested in listening to her. They would be more willingly to follow her. They would better understand and remember her messages. It was even possible they would tell stories about her.

Once she answered all the questions, she lived happily ever after.

The End

And the Questions are ...
WHAT is a story?
WHY should I tell stories?
WHO should I tell stories to?
WHERE should I tell stories?
HOW do I find stories to tell?

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