Linda Garbe combines her deep knowledge of the art of storytelling and the science of communication to help leaders shape and share stories that lead, influence, and uplift.
-Dixie Axley, V.P. Learning and Development, State Farm

Thanks so much for your storytelling presentation at our gathering of state counsel lawyers. We have received a lot of positive feedback about your presentation and the benefit it will provide to our lawyers in their persuasion efforts.
-Emory Wilkerson, Counsel – Corporate Law, State Farm

Working for a charitable organization I was well aware how we use other people's stories to promote our agency. However, I was captivated by Linda's ability to take stories from her own life and by setting them to words, transport me to a place that I could see, feel, and even smell. Linda helped me think about my own stories and how to weave those experiences to lead and connect with my staff.
-Becky Hines, YWCA Director

It was a transforming experience – to let the details of the story transport the audience instead of just using PowerPoint to highlight key information ... wanted to let you know I've truly taken your storytelling presentation to heart.
-Candice Schilling, Freelance Writer

The storytelling competency is a development opportunity for all of us, and you helped model the way.
-Todd Popham, Function Director – Fire Systems, State Farm


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