Stories Leaders Tell -– 3 Hours

Participants learn:
How stories are used in the workplace.
How to combine facts and stories to get quicker, better results.
Why stories are more powerful than facts.
How every interaction tells a story about you.
How to find powerful stories from personal experiences.

Custom Workshop and Retreats

Whether you need to solve a problem or get better at what you're already good at, finding the right mix of facts and stories will help. Linda works with your team to collect information and clearly identify desired outcomes. Once she knows your story, she designs a program to fit your situation.

More money and more time won't get results if employees or customers don't understand your message. Communication that connects and is memorable will get results.


Facts about you can't offset feelings about you. When people don't know you, the stories they hear about you and the stories you tell determine whether they trust you. If they don't trust you, you can't be a leader. Tell the right story and you increase trust; tell the wrong story and it will take a long time to recover.

Linda helps you find personal stories that communicate who you are, make you and your message memorable, and connect with your audience whether that audience is one person or hundreds of people.


Linda can tell stories to set the stage for your meeting or summarize your messages at the close of your event. Her creativity, energy, and enthusiasm come across in every presentation. If your goal is pure entertainment, her original stories will take your audiences on a mesmerizing journey. Stories such as Orbiting the Giant Hairball with Mr. Rogers and the Sweet Potato Queens are not soon forgotten.

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