Linda started to talk before the age of one and soon after started asking questions, and asking questions, and asking questions. This intense curiosity and constant gathering of information never went away. Much of the information gained found its way into stories.

Storytelling has been the key to Linda's communication success from Plum Grove, the one room school she attended in first grade, to State Farm Insurance, a Fortune 500 company where she was the caretaker of creativity.

As Assistant Vice President, she was responsible for designers, writers, producers, directors, photographers, and technical experts who developed communication solutions for nearly 70,000 employees, 16,000 agents, and millions of customers.

Her unique understanding of communication and the power of storytelling is a result of her experience as a graphic designer, writer, and leader of creative groups. No matter what the delivery format: speeches, videos, multimedia, print, events, or one-on-one conversations, Linda will show you how to find the perfect combination of fact and story to produce the results you need.

Along the way, Linda has:
Been a graphic designer.
Written corporate communication.
Led communication departments.
Used stories to explain challenges and vision.
Made hundreds of presentations.
Written and performed original stories.
Been a founding member of The Dangerous Women's Group, the regional Women in Communication organization, and State Farm Women's Net.
Served on the boards of McLean County Arts Center and Illinois State University Friends of the Arts.
Been a member of Commission to Renovate Downtown Normal, Illinois, and the WILL Community Advisory Committee, Urbana, Illinois.
Never stopped telling stories to get results.

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