Linda, President of The Garbe Creative Group, is an expert at combining words and images to get results. She is an educator, coach, speaker, and storyteller.

Your ability to mix fact and story in just the right proportion for each situation will determine your success.

Whether you need to tell your story in an interview, or tell the story of your organization to your customers, Linda can show you how to make you and your message memorable. She will take you on a journey to find your stories - great stories - no one else could ever tell.

When you combine facts and stories about yourself, your team, or your organization, you get noticed. When employees and customers understand your messages; you save time; and when time is saved, money is saved.

The perfect combination of fact and story will:
Increase the employee “get it” factor.
Build customer relationships.
Save time and money.
Make you approachable and believable.
Communicate your culture.

See Linda in action...


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